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Important Information, Policies and Freedom of Information


Mission statement

Hoveton & Wroxham Medical Centre aims to provide high quality health care in a responsive, supportive, courteous and cost-effective manner. We will:

  •          Provide a service which puts patient welfare at the heart of all we do


  •          Work within the framework of NHS Primary Care Services to provide professional medical, nursing and other services which meet the identified needs of patients


  •          Promote best practice through utilising specialist expertise within the practice team and externally and encouraging the continuous professional development of all members of the practice team


  •          Nurture a culture which is innovative, forward looking and adaptable


  •          Participate in research and take into account the evidence provided by scientific and medical research in our treatment



Caring for well being in body, mind, spirit and relationships

  • Conveying compassion in word and action
  • Assessing and responding to needs
  • Providing an appropriate range of services
  • Maintaining a health promoting environment


Respecting all

  • Showing courtesy
  • Seeking to understand
  • Treating all fairly
  • Valuing each person as a unique individual
  • Being especially supportive to the vulnerable


Working as a team

  • Relating well within the team
  • Valuing the contribution of each team member
  • Building a mutually supportive environment
  • Co-operating with other teams
  • Encouraging responsible involvement by our patients



  •          Speaking and acting truthfully
  • Being accountable for our actions


Learning and improving

  • Adapting to change
  • Building on achievements
  • Developing our services


Routine access to a doctor of your choice and the availability of specialist health care at Hoveton & Wroxham Medical Practice is good, but we cannot hope to give all patients the appointment of their choice all the time.


If you require an urgent appointment, we cannot always arrange for you to see a doctor of your choice. All doctors have to respond to emergencies from time to time; so, occasionally, your consultation may be delayed. In such cases, all patients will get the best from our service if they are understanding and thoughtful of the needs of other patients.



We would like you to treat doctors and practice staff with the same level of respect that you expect from them. The doctors require the receptionists to gather information for reasons detailed earlier in this leaflet, please answer them as fully and clearly as possible. If you cannot keep an appointment or if you change your address and telephone number don't forget to let us know.

We look forward to enjoying a good working relationship with all of our patients and are committed to achieving this, we would like you to feel the same.



All records are entirely confidential and our aim is to keep them fully up to date.


Computerisation of all medical records produces many benefits for preventative medicine and prescribing and information held on computer systems could occasionally be used for research by authorised personnel only.Locked blue folder


All computerised records are protected under the terms of the Data Protection Act. If you would like additional information, or do not wish for your records to be used for research purposes, please advise our Reception staff


Hoveton & Wroxham Medical Centre and Your Information

Hoveton & Wroxham Medical Centre takes your privacy very seriously. We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office as a Data Controller and our registration number is Z7683211.

If you have any questions or wish to make a request in relation to your information, please contact us at;


Hoveton and Wroxham Medical Practice

Stalham Road



NR12 8DU

01603 782155


Data Privacy Officer

Annette Blackburn


Hoveton & Wroxham Medical Centre aims to provide you with the highest quality health care. To do this we must keep records about you, your health and the care we have provided or plan to provide to you.

Your doctor and other health professionals caring for you, such as nurses or physiotherapists, keep records about your health and treatment so that they are able to provide you with the best possible care.

These records are called your ‘health care record’ and may be stored in paper form or on computer and electronic systems and may include Personal Data;

  •          basic details about you, such as address, date of birth, NHS number, and next of kin as well as Sensitive Personal Data;
  •          contact we have had with you, such as clinical visits
  •          notes and reports about your health
  •          details and records about your treatment and care
  •          Results of x-rays, laboratory tests etc.

Healthcare providers are permitted to collect, store, use and share this information under Data Protection Legislation which has a specific section related to healthcare information.

What do we do with your information?

  •          Refer you to other healthcare providers when you need other service or tests
  •          Share samples with laboratories for testing (like blood samples)
  •          Share test results with hospitals or community services (like blood test results)
  •          Allow out of hours or extended hours GPs to look at your health record when you are going to an appointment
  •          Send prescriptions to a pharmacy
  •          Patients are texted in relation to healthcare services
  •          Samples are provided to the courier for delivery to pathology
  •          Share reports with the coroner
  •          Receive reports of appointments you have attended elsewhere such as with the community nurse or if you have had a stay in hospital

Follow Appendix A – Hoveton & Wroxham Medical Centre Routine Sharing Partners


What else do we do with your information?

Along with activities related directly to your care, we also use information in ways which allow us to check that care is safe and provide data for the improvement and planning of services.

  •          Quality / payment / performance reports are provided to service commissioners
  •          As part of clinical research – information that identifies you will be removed, unless you have consented to being identified
  •          Undertaking clinical audits within the practice
  •          Supporting staff training

Sharing when Required by Law

Sometimes we will be required by law to share your information and will not always be able to discuss this with you directly. Examples might be for the purposes of detection or prevention of crime, where it is in the wider public interest, to safeguard children or vulnerable adults, reporting infectious diseases or where required by court order.


  • CCTV is in place in the Car Park, Reception and Corridor areas of our practice.
  • It has been installed solely for the safety and security of our patients and staff, to prevent and deter crime.
  • Images are recorded 24 hours a day and stored on the hard drives of the recording devices that are situated in secure areas and only the practice managers and those delivering technical support services will have access to the system.
  • The CCTV only records images and does not record audio.
  •  All CCTV recordings are stored on our recording devices for 31 days before being deleted.
  • There are signs in the practice telling you that CCTV is in place.
  • We will only ever share information with the relevant authorities in connection with the safety and security of patients and staff and will not share with any other third parties.
  • Visitors to the practice have the right to request to see images of themselves on CCTV as part of a request made under the privacy legislation. Like all subject access requests, it must be made in writing. There may be a charge made for this service.
  • We have followed the CCTV guidelines produced by the Information Commissioners’ Office.

Information Access and Rights

Data protection law provides you with a number of rights that the practice is committed to supporting you with;

Right to Access

You have the right to obtain:

  •          confirmation that your information is being used, stored or shared by the practice
  •          a copy of information held about you

If you only require a particular part of your record, tell us and this may mean we can respond quicker.

We will respond to your request within one month of receipt or will tell you when it might take longer.

We are required to validate your identity including the identity of someone making a request on your behalf

Right to Object or Withdrawn Consent

We mainly use, store and share your information because we are permitted in order to deliver your healthcare but you do have a right to object to us doing this.

Where we are using, storing and sharing your information based on explicit consent you have provided, you have a right to withdraw that consent at any time.

Our Data Protection Officer will be happy to speak with you about any concerns you have.

Right to Correction

If information about you is incorrect, you are entitled to request that we correct it

There may be occasions, where we are required by law to maintain the original information – our Data Protection Officer will talk to you about this and you may request that the information is not used during this time

We will respond to your request within one month of receipt or will tell you when it might take longer.


You also have the right to make complaints and request investigations into the way your information is used. Please contact our Data Protection Officer or visit the link below for more information.

For more detailed information on your rights visit

Case Finding

Sometimes your information will be used to identify whether you need particular support from us.

Those involved in your care might look at particular ‘indicators’ (such as particular conditions) and contact you or take action for healthcare purposes. For example, this might be to prevent you from having to visit accident and emergency by supporting you in your own home or in the community. We will use automated technology to help us to identify people that might require support but ultimately, the decision about how or whether to provide extra support you is made by those involved in your care.

Our Data Protection Officer will be happy to speak to you about this if you have concerns or objections.

Information Technology

The practice will use third parties to provide services that involve your information such as;

  •          Removal and destruction of confidential waste
  •          Provision of clinical systems
  •          Provision of connectively and servers

Data analytics or warehousing (these allow us to make decisions about care or see how effectively the practice is run – personal data will never be sold or made available to organisations not related to your care delivery)

We have contracts in place with these third parties that prevent them from using it in any other way that instructed. These contracts also require them to maintain good standards of security to ensure your confidentiality.

Please visit : Appendix A – Hoveton & Wroxham Medical Centre Routine Sharing Partners

How do we Protect your Information?

  • We are committed to ensuring the security and confidentiality of your information. There are a number of ways we do this;
  • Staff receive annual training about protecting and using personal data
  • Policies are in place for staff to follow and are regularly reviewed
  • We check that only the minimum amount of data is shared or accessed
  • We use ‘smartcards’ to access systems, this helps to ensure that the right people are accessing data – people with a ‘need to know’
  • We use encrypted emails and storage which would make it difficult for someone to ‘intercept’ your information
  • We report and manage incidents to make sure we learn from them and improve
  • We put in place contracts that require providers and suppliers to protect your data as well
  • We do not send your data outside of the EEA

How Long Do We Keep Your Information?

In line with the Department of Health Code, we will retain / store your health record for your lifetime. When a patient dies, we will review the record and generally it will be destroyed 10 years later, unless there is a reason to keep it for longer.

If you move away or register with another practice, we will send your records to the new practice.





Appendix A – Hoveton & Wroxham Medical Centre Routine Sharing Partners

Processing Activities

Sharing Partners (including any third party providers of services)


Referral / Test Results

Bourn Hall

West Suffolk Hospital

Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.

Addenbrookes Hospital.

Papworth Hosptial

Guy's & St Thomas

Great Ormond Street

Referral Management Centre

Global Diagnostics

Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.

Addenbrookes Hospital.

Avanti Physiotherapy

Scrivens Hearing

Moorfields Hospital

Priscilla Bacon Lodge


SPIRE Norwich



James Paget Hospital

QE2 Kings Lynn

Ambulance Trust

Social Services

Norfolk Police (Firearms)

Brundall Health Centre,38707.htm

Fakenham Weight Management


Maudsley Hospital

Nottingham Centre (Transgender)

Public Health (communicable Diseases)



Iceni Federation


Roys Pharmacy

Reads Pharmacy

Coltishall Pharmacy

Tesco Blue Boar Lane


Rackheath Pharmacy



Boots The Chemist

Lloyds Chemist









Discharge notices

Bourn Hall

West Suffolk Hospital

Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.

Addenbrookes Hospital.

Papworth Hosptial

Guy's & St Thomas

Great Ormond Street

Confidential waste removal


Patient Texts

TPP System One

Pathology Courier



PCSE Notes

City Sprint

Coroner reports



Norfolk Coroners

Commissioner Reports

North Norfolk CCG


Provision of IT Systems and Support

Arden and GEM

Provision of clinical system

TPP (SystmOne)

Infectious Diseases

Anglia Health Protection Team


Access to Your Information
You have a right under the Data Protection Act 1998 to access/view what information the surgery holds about you, and to have it corrected should it be inaccurate. This is known as ‘the right of subject access’. If we do hold information about you we will:

give you a description of it;

tell you why we are holding it;

tell you who it could be disclosed to

let you have a copy of the information in an intelligible form.

If you would like to make a ‘subject access request’ please contact the Practice Manager in writing.

Customer service form

Guide to Information provided by GPs under the model publication scheme


Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 all public authorities are required to have and operate a publication scheme approved by the Information Commissioner. Doctors providing medical services under most contracts with the NHS in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are public authorities in respect of information relating to those services.


It is the intention of the Information Commissioner that all public authorities should adopt and operate the one model scheme that has been approved. This is a very general scheme based on the principal that all public authorities need to recognize the public interest in the transparency of the services provided for and paid for by the general public. It is a commitment to make information easily available to the public.


Note: The scheme is only for information held as a public authority and does not include any information that is not held, is held for other purposes or would be exempt from release. 


The scheme requires three documents to be considered:


the model scheme itself;   

our guidance on adopting and operating the scheme; and, 

a guide provided by the public authority indicating what information will be provided, how it will be provided and whether any charge will be made for its provision. 


To assist medical practitioners who are public authorities we have produced the outline of a guide for their use. They should consider expanding elements of it to provide greater explanation and additional information where this can be done. For example if there are specific plans for the provision of NHS services these could be detailed. It is not necessary to submit the guide completed by the practice for approval.   


We recognize that it is unlikely that GPs are going to have registers available for public inspection and while this remains the case “None Held” can be entered in this section. Under policies and procedures we have listed the policies we would expect practices to have. Again if this is not the case, “Not held” can entered in the relevant part. Any additional policies should also be listed.


Fees should be requested only where this is done in accordance our guidance.

Needs Profiling of 0-19 year olds - How your NHS records are used:

This practice is taking part in a new NHS service that helps your GP to spot whether more help is needed to manage children’s health. The service is called “needs profiling”.


Using information from your health records, a secure NHS computer system will look at any recent treatments children have had in the community or at this surgery, and any existing health conditions that they have, and alert the doctor to the likelihood of a possible future hospital admission. This may include screening service and technologies that help us search all of our patient’s records to identify patients that would most benefit from a particular treatment, sometimes by linking the information we hold with information about you from other organisations providing your care. The clinical team at the surgery will use the information to help patients get early care and treatment where it is needed.


The information will be seen only by qualified health workers involved in your care. NHS security systems will protect your health information and patient confidentiality at all times.

If you don’t want your information being used in this way, or have any other concerns, please contact Annette Blackburn, Practice Manager, on 01603 782155.


Information available from Hoveton & Wroxham Medical Practice providing medical services under contract to the NHS under the Freedom of Information Act model publication scheme


Information covered by this scheme is only about the primary, general or personal medical services we provide under contract to the National Health Service.


Information to be published

How the information can be obtained

(eg hard copy, website)

Class1 - Who we are and what we do


This publication scheme is a complete guide to the information routinely made available to the public by Dr Clare Singh, Dr Vivienne Fowler, Dr Matthew Morley, Dr Carsten Dernedde, Dr William Brookings.


It is a description of the information about the Hoveton & Wroxham Medical Practice and the General Practitioners that work there that is available to the public.


It will be reviewed at regular intervals and we will monitor its effectiveness.


The Practice is part of NHS Norfolk and provides services for patients living within the boundaries of Hoveton & Wroxham and surrounding localities.


The Hoveton and Wroxham Medical Practice is located at:

Stalham Road, Hoveton, Norwich NR12 8DU


The Practice supplies services in accordance with a Personal Medical Services contract held with NHS Norfolk.


A full list of local General Practices can be found on NHS Choices website


For further details about any of the information on this form please access the Practice




Contact Annette Blackburn - Practice Manager/ Mrs Heather Leishman - Business Manager


There may be a charge made to cover the costs of copying, printing, postage and the administrative costs involved in responding to requests under the Freedom of Information Act.


You will be notified of such charges at the time of request.

Doctors in the practice 



Dr Clare Singh

Dr Vivienne Fowler

Dr Matthew Morley

Dr William Brookings

Dr Carsten Dernedde

GP Registrars:

On rotation from Health Education East of England



Contact Details for the Practice

The Practice can be contacted by telephone on 01603 782155.

The Practice can be contacted by fax on 01603 782189.

The Practice can be emailed on (please do not use this email address for any clinical correspondence).

To write to the Practice please use the following address: Hoveton & Wroxham Medical Centre, Stalham Road, Hoveton, Norwich, NR12 8DU

The Practice website is available at 



Opening hours


The Practice is open from 8.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday. 



Other staffing details


The full names of the GPs at the Practice are listed in the introduction to this publication scheme.  The Practice also employs:

-   Nurse Practitioners

·  Practice Nurses

·  Dispensers

·  Administrative & Reception Staff

-  Business Manager

·  Practice Manager

·  Data and Quality lead






Class 2 – What we spend and how we spend it

(Financial information relating to projected and actual income and expenditure, procurement, contracts and financial audit)


The Hoveton & Wroxham Medical Centre receives money from NHS Norfolk according to its contract for Personal Medical Services.


Please see also publication of earnings below



There may be circumstances where material cannot be released because it is confidential or commercial information or the appropriate officer for these purposes, under the Act, has taken the view that it maybe prejudicial to the conduct of the Practice’s affairs.


Audit of NHS income


NHS Income is audited in several ways using software such as CQRS or other search based audits as requested by North Norfolk CCG and NHS England.


Publication of Earnings


All GP Practices are required to declare the mean earnings (eg average pay) for GPs working to deliver GP services to patients at each practice.


The average pay for GPs working in the Hoveton and Wroxham Medical Centre in the last financial year was £55,064 before tax and National Insurance. In 2014 this figure was £72,8528. This is for 2 full time GPs, 4 part-time GPs and one locum GP who worked in the practice for more than six months.


Source Practice Accountants - Lovewell Blake LLP.


This information is available in other formats on request to Annette Blackburn Practice Manager.

Class 3 – What our priorities are and how we are doing

(Strategies and plans, performance indicators, audits, inspections and reviews)


Our priority is to provide high quality services as commissioned by North Norfolk CCG under our PMS Contract.


In addition under the Quality And Outcomes Framework (QOF) we satisfy a range of clinical and administrative performance indicators which are subject to audit and review by the Department of Health, North Norfolk CCG and NHS England.


The Practice trains GP registrars and medical students as we believe this enhances educational opportunities and the quality of clinical practice.




Plans for the development and provision of NHS services

During 15/16 our priorities are to:

· Maintain our excellent level of care provided to our patients

· Provide a variety of appointments to improve access for all our patients

· Discuss our priorities and level of service with our Patient Participation Group








Class 4 – How we make decisions

(Decision making processes and records of decisions)


Practice Meetings with Partners and staff.


Attending Council or Members Group meetings for NNCCG


GP Forums/GP Training meetings


Practice Manager Forums


Meeting with Patient Participation Group


Feedback through Friends and Family cards and suggestion box


The practice holds weekly meetings with the management team and the clinical staff, covering the following topic a week, Significant Events (events that we think we can learn from), Safeguarding, Prescribing, Clincal updates, internal Operations, MDT and care of our terminally ill patients, review of patients who have recently deceased as well as the discussions about the partnership business.


Available on request from Annette Blackburn Practice Manager or Heather Leishman Business Manager



Records of decisions made in the practice affecting the provision of NHS services

Available on request from Annette Blackburn Practice Manager/ Heather Leishman Business Manager



Class 5 – Our policies and procedures

(Current written protocols, policies and procedures for delivering our services and responsibilities)


Current information only (mark “not held” against any policies not actually held)


Available on request from Annette Blackburn Practice Manager/ Heather Leishman Business Manager

General Policies and procedures about the employment of staff

Available on request from

Annette Blackburn Practice Manager or Heather Leishman Business Manager

Internal instructions to staff and policies relating to the delivery of services

Available on request from

Annette Blackburn Practice Manager or Heather Leishman Business Manager

Equality and diversity policy

Available on request from Annette Blackburn Practice Manager or Heather Leishman Business Manager


Health and safety policy

Available on request from

Annette Blackburn Practice Manager or Heather Leishman Business Manager

Complaints procedures (including those covering requests for information and operating the publication scheme)

Available on request from

Annette Blackburn Practice Manager or Heather Leishman Business Manager

Records management policies (records retention, destruction and archive)

Available on request from

Annette Blackburn Practice Manager or Heather Leishman Business Manager

Data protection policies

Available on request from

Annette Blackburn Practice Manager or Heather Leishman Business Manager

Policies and procedures for handling requests for information

Available on request from

Annette Blackburn Practice Manager or Heather Leishman Business Manager





Class 6 – Lists and Registers


Currently maintained lists and registers only



Any publicly available register or list (if any are held this should be publicised; in most circumstances existing access provisions will suffice)

None held





Class 7 – The services we offer

(Information about the services we offer, including leaflets, guidance and newsletters produced for the public)


The practice has an up to date booklet available in Reception and on the Practice website entitled ‘Information for Patients’. This booklet provides information about the Doctors and staff who work at the surgery and the services we offer. 


Other information is available on the practice notice boards and display tables in the waiting areas.


The Practice publishes a regular newsletter for patients with information about events and campaigns running in the practice.


Available in the Practice or from the Practice website 




The services provided at the Practice are



· Carers support group (for carers of people with Alzheimers and Demetnia)

· Cervical cytology

· Child health surveillance

· Contraceptive services

· Disease management clinics

· District nurse

· Health promotions clinics 

· Health visiting through community services

· Immunisations

· Maternity medical services

· Mental Health Link Worker

· Minor surgery services

· Occupational Health Medicals

· Travel Clinics

· Yellow Fever centre

· Physiotherapy through community services



Charges for any of these services


The following may attract an additional fee

· Some travel vaccinations (such as yellow fever)

· Some medicals and reports (such as HGV medicals and insurance reports)

· Occupational health services


Information leaflets


Information leaflets on a number of health matters are available on request or from either of our reception areas.



Out of hours arrangements 


Out of Hours cover is contracted by NHS Norfolk to the East of England Ambulance NHS Foundation Trust


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