Communication with the Practice

From 1 April 2020, Hoveton & Wroxham Medical Centre is changing the way we communicate with our patients. This will help your medical centre manage the current situation and it will improve the efficiency of the service we provide you.

Most of our patients have access to our website via the Internet, either by a personal computer, tablet or smart phone. All future contact with our doctors, nurses and other staff will be by patients using the forms on our website. The forms are accessible through the different so-called areas on the website.

Importantly, those without computer/internet access will not be disadvantaged. You can still telephone our medical receptionists in the normal way.

Even if you do telephone our receptionists, they will be filling-in the form on your behalf. Our GPs and nurses will look at the information you provide and then decide the best course of action, which may start with a telephone call to discuss next steps.

This will also apply to how we meet all your medicines needs. The website has an area called Prescriptions and Medicines Centre.

Between now and 1 April, patients are asked to familiarise themselves with the website and start using it for self-care, for communicating with the Practice.