Mental Health Team

We work with the Norfolk and Suffolk (Mental Health) Foundation Trust (NSFT) to provide an in-Practice Mental Health Nurse.

Benefits include:

  • Easier access to mental health services in a community setting, i.e. closer to home.
  • Improved mental health helps people to better manage their physical health.
  • Improved recovery – self-referrals tended to require fewer sessions.
  • Improved equity of access for patients with both mental and physical health conditions.

We have a Mental Health and Wellbeing Coach.  They can coach and motivate patients through multiple sessions to identify their needs, set goals, and support them to implement their personalised health and care plan.


  • Interventions that ‘coach’ or actively support people to self-care.
  • It is person-centred, empowering and based around a person’s own aspirations and goals.
  • Increases in preventative behaviours and self-management.
  • Improved two-way communication and partnership working.
  • Improved health outcomes.