Waiting Times – Radiology/Scan (June 2023)

The following is a June update of the waiting times at the NNUH:

NNUH 2ww Urgent  Routine Comments
CT 13 days 5-6 weeks Approx 20 weeks Limited capacity for Routine scans
MRI 8 days 3 weeks Approx 13 weeks
Dexa 7 days 6-7 weeks
X-Ray Approx 5 weeks Approx 12 weeks Significantly reduced capacity for x-ray requests.

** Please do not ask patients to call us to chase their request/booking if they have been waiting less than 3 months **

**Please do not inform patients to contact us for results, the report will be availble to you on ICE, we cannot give this directly to the patient**

X-Ray Chest 12days
General Ultrasound 15 days 4 weeks Approx 12 weeks This average is for those that have been seen at NNUH and Global Clinic.
NNUH wait times vary by scan – some of our longest waiting are:
Liver Surveillance – 8+ months
Paeds – 7+ months
Neck – 6+ months
Pelvis – 5+ months
Abdo – 4+ months** Please do not ask patients to call us to chase their request/booking as this detracts the bookings team from booking**
CHD 2ww Urgent Routine Comments
MRI 1 week 3 weeks 16 weeks Scanner currently not fully operational so significantly reduced capacity due to staff shortages
Dexa 10 weeks
X-Ray 2 weeks Approx 14 weeks Reduced capacity, patients will be booked appointments at NNUH
X-Ray Chest 10 days All chests priorities are treated as urgent
General Ultrasound 12 days 3-4 weeks 14 weeks